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Family Office in a Box: The candy for wealthy families

Managing wealth can swiftly transform into a complex and delicate endeavor, irrespective of whether you're a patriarch, oversee a prosperous family-run business, or collaborate with other families in managing a business. As your wealth increases, so does the intricacy of managing it. While a family office may be the go-to solution, establishing one from scratch can be arduous and costly. However, at Kaleido, we have conceived an exceptional alternative that holds immense value for families seeking personalized support without the burden of setting up their own family office. Introducing the extraordinary "Family Office in a Box," an encapsulated version of a traditional family office that is ready to go, precisely tailored to your needs. Allow us to elaborate further.

The Pillars of "Family Office in a Box"

  • Condensed: Our solution encompasses all the indispensable services provided by a family office, focusing on the core essentials.
  • Ready to go: Embrace the convenience of starting your family office journey promptly, without prolonged delays.
  • Complete tailor-made: Unlike rigid standard services, our approach takes into meticulous consideration the unique intricacies of your specific situation within the overarching framework.

Family Office in a Box and its Purpose

The driving idea behind the revolutionary "Family Office in a Box" is to serve as an unwavering partner and mediator, empowering families to navigate the vast spectrum of opportunities and challenges in preserving wealth across generations. This entails granting families full access to our extensive collective intelligence and capabilities through Kaleido's unparalleled open architecture—the epitome of excellence. Moreover, we provide expertise in strategic investment activities, emphasizing pivotal themes that will shape and influence the future.

Family Office in a Box: Structured in 6 Personalized Categories

As an innovative solution "Family Office in a Box" redefines the landscape of wealth management, offering families a comprehensive and specifically tailored 6-categories approach to preserving and growing their wealth. Each category has been meticulously designed to address the unique needs and aspirations of affluent families, providing a seamless and efficient framework. From family governance and consolidated reporting to risk management and private services, this all-inclusive package ensures that every aspect of your family's financial journey is expertly handled. Embrace the future of wealth management with Kaleido’s "Family Office in a Box" package and unlock a new level of personalized support and success. So what does this offer actually include?

1.   Family Governance Framework

Strengthen your family's value system by implementing effective family governance instruments. This includes the creation of a family charter, which defines relationships between family members, shareholders, and managers. Additionally, a family council provides a platform for crucial discussions, avoiding isolation and poor advice. Furthermore, estate planning enables seamless corporate control and ownership structure during private or business successions while actively engaging the next generation.

2.   Consolidated Reporting

Enjoy complete transparency across all bankable and non-bankable assets, even if they are spread across multiple locations and institutions. Our state-of-the-art consolidated reporting system grants you effortless oversight and control of global assets, all without the need for physically centralizing your wealth. Rest assured, our financial analysts, with their unparalleled expertise and training, ensure the highest data accuracy, security, and confidentiality.

3.   Multi-Asset Overlay Risk Management

When safeguarding against potential downsides becomes imperative, our systematic risk control, tailored to your specific needs and risk budgets, becomes an integral part of your overall investment process. By employing financial futures and forwards, we aim to mitigate large losses and tail risks effectively.

4.   CIO Investment Committee

Led by Kaleido's esteemed Chief Investment Officer (CIO), our joint investment committee, comprising carefully selected family members, acts as the decision-making body. Through this committee, you gain comprehensive advice on trends, macro views, regional asset allocation, and insightful research. As an added advantage, we offer institutional access to renowned investment experts who occasionally join the committee. Additionally, our CIO's ongoing dialogue with top clients and extensive global news flow ensure you remain at the forefront of the financial landscape.

5.   Private & Philanthropy Services

Experience a wide range of exclusive private services, ranging from event planning, restaurant reservations, travel arrangements, tours, and shopping assistance, to discovering enticing attractions and activities. We also provide invaluable support in finding the right educational institutions for your children or grandchildren. Furthermore, gain access to cutting-edge ventures, clinics, and thought leaders specializing in longevity — an essential aspect of a fulfilling and healthy life. Should philanthropic endeavors be of interest, we establish a foundation to fulfill your family's charitable objectives, offering additional benefits through tax incentives.

6.   Business & Networking Services

Streamline your daily interactions with advisors and investment managers by leveraging our expertise. Our team expertly coordinates and oversees the complete network of advisors, ensuring efficient administrative management and objective evaluation of asset managers. Additionally, we facilitate connections with like-minded families facing similar circumstances, fostering invaluable networks and collaborations.

The Difference Kaleido Makes

As an industry leader operating within an open architecture model, known as "Collective Intelligence," Kaleido stands unrivaled in delivering a progressive, tailor-made, and comprehensive suite of services. Our commitment to independence and conflict-free solutions cements our position as the premier provider of the "Family Office in a Box" solution.

Contact Us For Personalized Consultation

Should you desire further information on Kaleido's groundbreaking "Family Office in a Box" our team is ready to assist you. Feel free to call us at +41 44 787 6263 or reach out via email at info@kaleidoprivatbank.ch.


Embark on an extraordinary journey towards enduring financial success and preserving your family's legacy. Kaleido's all-inclusive "Family Office in a Box" solution empowers you with the tools, insights, and support necessary to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. Embrace the boundless possibilities and personalized offers that await you. Contact us today and discover the unparalleled advantages that accompany joining the Kaleido family.


Disclaimer: This piece of information is for marketing and entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as an investment recommendation or financial advice. Remember that all investments involve risk. Please read our full Marketing Disclaimer here.



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