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A year of innovation: We are determined to become better every day

As we begin the new year, we want to take a moment to reflect on the past year and share our achievements and successes with you. Despite turbulence of 2022, we have continued our growth and further developed as a modern boutique private bank.

In the past 12 months we have learned a lot, developed as a team, and serving new and existing clients to the best of our abilities. Additionally, we have invested in building a future-proof infrastructure that has elevated our service level, offerings, and overall value we can provide for all stakeholders.

The power of small changes

While 2021 was the year of radical change – where we changed our brand, team, and banking system - 2022 was focused on refining and advancing our operations. We accomplished this by leveraging data to make more informed decisions, streamlining processes with the implementation of modern tools, and enhancing our offerings to better serve our clients by launching new solutions.

Have you ever heard the saying "Rome wasn't built in a day"? It's often used to remind us that big things take time and effort. But what if we tell you that small changes can lead to exponential improvements over time?

It's easy to get caught up in the idea that we need to make big, sweeping changes in order to see significant progress. But the truth is, small changes can have a huge impact on the way we do business and serve our clients. At Kaleido, we have seen this principle at work in our efforts to bring cutting-edge technology and services to our customers.

One example of this is our approach to inhouse digital projects – leveraging the full suite of Office 365 solutions including Power Apps, such as Power BI and Power Automate. These tools help us to scale processes, create clarity and especially help us to focus our efforts on the most critical issues at hand.

Better decisions by understanding data

Understanding data is important because it allows us to make informed decisions that can improve operations and drive growth. Through collecting and analyzing data, we can identify trends and patterns that helps us understand our clients and improve our offerings. It helps us optimize internal processes, and manage risk more efficiently.

By implementing and utilizing Power BI in our data understanding process, we are able to gain a holistic overview of our banking operations and identify potential areas for expansion and growth. This modern reporting tool allows us to efficiently collect, analyze, and interpret our data, enabling us to make informed business decisions that drive success.

Leaner processes through modern process tools

In 2022, we made significant progress in improving the quality of service we provide to our valued clients by automating several of our processes. This has resulted in faster response time, reduce the risk of errors, and improved reporting capabilities. This has enabled us to devote more time and attention to building personal relationships with our clients.

By implementing automated systems for tasks such as invoice management and archiving, we have been able to streamline our workflows and to be overall more efficient. Our transition to a more digital process has allowed us to gain a clearer overview of our operations. These automation efforts have resulted in significant improvements, including increased efficiency, improved security for sensitive documents, enhanced visibility and accessibility, and improved compliance. Overall, automation has had a positive impact on our business.

A year of learning

The banking industry is constantly evolving, adapting to the ever-changing world around us. The past year was particularly challenging for banks due to volatile market conditions. Along with external factors, the industry is continually faced with new trends, technologies, and regulations. We have learned that in this industry, learning is a continuous process.

We have made significant progress in transforming, advancing, and improving our operations. We have become proficient at adapting to a large number of changes in a short period of time, which is an important skill that we will continue to utilize in the future. Additionally, we have discovered that even small changes can have a significant impact.

Despite the uncertainty and challenges of the past year, we have made great progress and are proud to have established ourselves as a modern boutique private bank. Our focus on providing the best possible service for our clients, combined with our dedication to innovation and growth, have brought us to an exciting point in our development. We invite you to join us and become a part of our success story. Together, we can achieve even greater heights in the future. 

We are excited to see what the future holds and look forward to continuing to serve our clients in the years ahead.


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