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Triangular Cooperation: How Banks, Intermediaries, and Clients can Flourish Together

“It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned 
to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” 
Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin observed that the most successful individuals throughout history were those who mastered the art of collaboration and improvisation. This timeless wisdom resonates deeply in the world of business. While effective collaboration within an organization is crucial, the ability to create strong relationships with external parties is equally impactful. 

At Kaleido Private Bank, we recognize the importance of strong partnerships, which lie at the core of our strategic vision. Among our partnerships, our cooperation with financial intermediaries stands out as a key pillar of our success. Together: financial intermediaries, banks, and clients can forge a powerful alliance. Curious to understand how this relationship works? In this blogpost, we explore this triangular relationship and its powerful synergies, through the lens of our bank.  

What is a Financial Intermediary?

In general, a financial intermediary (FIM) plays a crucial role as a facilitator in the financial market. In investment banking they bring together various parties, such as buyers and sellers, to conduct financial transactions efficiently. In private banking, a financial intermediary is often an introducer, an insurance broker, and very often an asset manager seeking banking services to support their clients' activities. In this blog post, we focus on the latter.

Building Strong Foundations: The Triangular Relationship

 Asset managers connect their clients with our boutique bank, creating a triangular relationship. While the bank's primary contact and day-to-day communication is with the FIM, the latter is the main contact point for and with the client. 

To better understand how this relationship works, imagine that FIMs act as trusted advisors, managing and growing their clients' wealth, while Kaleido provides the necessary infrastructure, expertise, and solutions. Together, we create a strong foundation for collaboration, innovation, and financial success. A win-win situation.

To illustrate the power of this triangular collaboration, let's explore a few examples of how both clients and FIMs benefit from partnering with Kaleido:

Holistic Wealth Management:

 Imagine an asset manager responsible for overseeing a diverse portfolio of high-net-worth clients. By collaborating with Kaleido, they gain access to our dedicated and responsive FIM desk whenever needed. Our FIM desk consists of four Senior Relationship Managers with over 30 years of extensive experience in all aspects of banking. This partnership allows the asset manager to benefit from our tailored solutions, such as custody, trading, and life insurance policies. The result is a holistic wealth management approach that ensures comprehensive financial services and optimal client satisfaction.

Navigating International Transactions:    

On the other hand, another FIM's client might need international transactions to run its business. The FIM can then rely on Kaleido's deep understanding of various markets to effect high-volume transactions. With our insights, network, and specific market knowledge, the FIM for example gains access to Eastern European and Central Asian markets, bridging the gap between East and West. 

Digital Asset Integration: 

Finally, picture an asset manager navigating the emerging landscape of digital assets. By partnering with Kaleido, they can leverage our expertise in both traditional and digital asset classes. Our bank stands out as one of the few institutions combining relatively new digital assets with established traditional asset classes. As a FINMA-regulated Swiss bank, we offer a level of trust and security that sets us apart from non-regulated crypto platforms. This collaboration enables the asset manager to offer their clients a diversified investment portfolio that spans both worlds while benefiting from the bank's regulatory compliance and secure custody solutions.

Other special investment opportunities 

Our longevity mandate, and our access to private markets such as private equity and venture capital, life insurance policies, as well as inflation protection portfolios are examples of how Kaleido sets itself apart in the market servicing FIMs. The FIM benefits not only from our aforementioned unique and tailored solutions, but also from custody, trading, and reporting. The result is a holistic wealth management approach that ensures optimal client satisfaction for the FIM.

Conclusion: Embracing Collaborative Banking

We take pride in our "out-of-the-box" thinking and commitment to supporting all our financial intermediaries. Recognizing the pivotal role played by asset managers in managing and growing their clients' wealth, we offer specialized services, tailored solutions, and deep market insights. Either through in-house solutions or leveraging our extensive global network, we aim to meet the unique needs of our partners.

Whether you're an asset manager seeking a trusted banking partner to enhance your investment strategies or a client looking for personalized financial guidance, collaborative banking holds the key to achieving your goals. 

Contact us today to start a conversation on how we can help you reach your aspirations.  



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