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What Our Brand Name Signifies: Uncovering The Truth Behind Kaleido

The name of a company matters. Precisely like meeting a new person, the name of a business is often the first part of getting to know the company as a whole. In this initial introduction, the name represents a chance to create a lasting first impression and convey a message. Have you ever wondered how we came up with the name Kaleido? In this blog post, we are excited to reveal the story behind our name.

Deciding on the ideal name for any company can be a daunting task. From the first moment of introduction, the name represents a powerful opportunity to form a strong relationship with potential customers. What were the forces that brewed the inspiration behind Kaleido's brand name? We are pleased and proud to share the story behind our branding straight from the source.

Uncovering A Suitable Name

In 2021, a complete company overhaul skyrocketed Kaleido into a new era. In the process, nothing represented our changes more than the process of establishing a new brand name. It was a search for the perfect combination of words that would undeniably represent our company and its core values but will also serve as an anchor for our clients.

The endeavor to land an impactful title was a pretty complex feat, as all meaningful suggestions and discussions occurred internally. That was ongoing until the wise inspiration of Gian Nay’s wife burst through the brainstorming, blasting a blazing suggestion; Kaleido.

The term Kaleido originates from “kaleidoscope”, which derives from two Greek terms; "Kalos" meaning beautiful, and "Eidos" to represents the shape. “Scope” comes into play in English as the overall representation of an object you probably remember tinkering with as a child; a kaleidoscope.

A kaleidoscope by the definition is a tube filled with different colored stones, and as you rotate it, the stones move, forming a pattern. The person looking into the tube sees a beautiful image. The interesting thing with a kaleidoscope is that you can spin the tube, and as you spin it, the colorful stones move into a new combination, creating a different image. And when you spin it again? You got it, the new combination creates a new image.

As A Guide to Our Services

It is due to this similarity of imagery and transformation that reinforced our connection to the term. Kaleido presented itself as our perfect guide to providing customized services to our distinguished clientele; just like each spin rotates and rearranges the stones in the tube, we too align our multiple resources into unique creations to fit diverse clients' preferences. Banks, technology, and networks; these elements enable us to amalgamate a flawless matrix that fits each of our client’s individual needs and visions as no other could.

Carried out in practice, we have incorporated a dual-sided Kaleido into our advisory service - one side handling investment assets and another side showcasing competence beyond that. It serves as a tool for our relationship managers to work collaboratively on every aspect that is of immense importance to our clients.

Kaleido is thus not just a name; it is far more than that. It serves as an ever-present reminder of our continual dedication to offering services that are tailored to our customer's unique needs.

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