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Working at Kaleido Private Bank - A place for Innovation and Inclusivity


"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."

- Steve Jobs.


At Kaleido, this is not just a quote; it's a belief that has led us to create an environment where teamwork and shared knowledge are key. Let us take you on a behind-the-scenes tour to understand what makes Kaleido an exceptional place to work.

A New Era in Banking

In recent years, Kaleido has advanced, stepping beyond the usual conventions of Swiss private banking. This evolution is not only about adopting new technologies or optimizing operations. We have established a strong network of reliable partners and have integrated the concept of "collective intelligence". With this approach, we've built a culture that prioritizes collaboration and mutual growth. Joining Kaleido means being part of an energetic and innovative environment.

Innovation at the Core of Kaleido

At Kaleido, innovation is more than just a trendy word. It's our promise for the future of private banking. We welcome new and different ideas, and we're not afraid to challenge conventional methods! Every person at Kaleido is essential to this change. We understand that the unique thoughts and ideas of our employees are what ignite the changes we want to see. Here at Kaleido, we don't just support innovation; we highly appreciate it. To be innovative at Kaleido means making a meaningful contribution, and that's something we truly value.

Developing Our Team

At Kaleido, we believe in supporting your professional journey, making it not just a job, but a fulfilling and enriching career. We place emphasis on cultivating a setting where your career aspirations coincide with your personal goals. This commitment to employee growth is not just limited to skill advancement but also includes understanding and exploring the wider landscape of the banking industry. Through it all, Kaleido stands beside you, offering opportunities and resources that can help you achieve your professional ambitions.

Balancing Work and Life

Based in Zurich, the heart of Switzerland's financial hub, Kaleido promotes a balanced work-life approach. Zurich is known for its high quality of life, efficient public transport, excellent healthcare, diverse food culture, and rich cultural experiences. These standards are mirrored in our work environment. We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance.

Embracing Global Diversity

Kaleido serves a diverse group of clients, from wealthy individuals and global corporations to international institutions. As an employee, you'll have the chance to understand different sectors and navigate international markets. More than this, we value and uphold diversity not just among our clients, but within our team as well. We're proud of our inclusive culture, where everyone, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, or age, contributes to our shared success.

If you're looking for a rewarding career that allows for growth, values your creativity, and encourages boundary-pushing consider Kaleido. Here, you're not just part of a bank, but a global team shaping the future of private banking. At Kaleido, each day is a new opportunity to make a difference.

Join us and start your journey toward a fulfilling career.


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