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Creating triple-win-business cases through collaboration

Many private banks and asset managers are faced with increasing costs, sourced from several frontiers. At the same time, clients’ expectations towards their financial advisor’s ability to serve them in a holistic way - even beyond traditional financial matters - is steadily growing. These challenges arose on the back of structural industry changes and broad societal shifts. This means they will not go away – but need to be tackled with smart, collaboration-based strategies.

Giving the client access to high quality products and services

The beauty of change is that there is a lot of opportunities in it – if approached smart and if a company’s entire team delivers on pre-required conditions like absolute client focus, entrepreneurship, open-mindedness and teamwork!

The most important point here is – there is the triple-win concept kicking in – that the client will profit the most! Through bringing true collaboration to life, the client gets access to high quality products and services in one place that is building on proven expertise – brought together by an independent partner. No off-the-shelf product selling.

A unique partnership between Kaleido Privatbank and Diem Client Partner

To leverage high quality asset management expertise, Kaleido Privatbank AG and Diem Client Partner AG have created a unique partnership, bringing collaboration within the financial industry to the next level. Kaleido will focus on being the boutique bank for its clients, source access to value-add investments, bringing it all together as well as govern clients’ needs even beyond traditional financial matters. Whereas Diem Client Partner signs responsible for managing the bank’s clients’ discretionary mandates and therefore builds on its long-standing high-quality track-record and well-established income strategies.

“Leveraging change in a smart way means establishing a collaborative framework that allows integrating already existing blocks of know-how and resources into our business model. Therefore, we built a company culture with hand-picked employees that truly reflects our tag line – connecting the best” says Rolf Bauer, Kaleido CEO.

“We prepared our organization to be ready to scale our resources. That makes us able to open our income focused investment strategy to the clients of our exclusive partner Kaleido. We created a solution where we combine our investment management skills with Kaleido’s unique boutique bank approach, without using expensive investment products. Kaleido can focus on their client's wishes and DCP can place full attention on client’s portfolio performance.” says Marcel Moog, COO and Board member at Partner Diem Client Partner AG.

Kaleido’s COO, Gian Nay is adding that “this partnership embodies a smart way because we don’t have to build already existing know-how at great cost but can focus on clients’ needs – which is Kaleido’s and Diem’s overarching goal.”

About Diem Client Partner AG

Diem Client Partner is a highly successful Asset Management boutique with headquarters in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland. It is specialized in managing tailormade income-oriented investment strategies for its clients. Through its strong focus on income strategies, Diem Client Partner managed to successfully navigate market corrections for more than 15 years. With this approach they increased the probability of reaching their clients’ targeted returns. For more information visit Diem Client Partners and their LinkedIn @Diem Client Partner AG.

About Kaleido Privatbank AG

Kaleido Privatbank is a modern boutique bank located in the heart of Zurich’s most vibrant district in Seefeld, Switzerland. Private and institutional clients including wealthy families and Family Offices trust in our expertise and our unique network that has been built over many years. Like a kaleidoscope, we combine a variety of elements to create a best-fit overall outcome. We create specific compositions of private banking and wealth management competences, state-of-the-art-technology and our network expertise for every individual client's perspective to build bespoke solutions. For more information visit Kaleido Privatbank and their LinkedIn @Kaleido Privatbank AG.


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